One Big and One (literally) Tiny Announcement!!

First of all, the fall Domino is out every where now! (Here's an online peek!) Linus is featured, like, three times at least, so it's worth picking up the issue solely for a triple slice of that big, fluffy guy.

 photo IMG_6613.jpg

I'm so thankful to the wonderful Domino team, especially to Robert Leleux, Domino's Editor-in-Chief, and to Brittany Ambridge, photographer extraordinaire. These two are an epic duo. They work together with such grace and ease. And they are downright hilarious. I love any chance I get to work with them on the magazine as one of the contributing editors, and this two-day shoot of my own house was the tippy of tops. Thanks, Robert and Brittany!

And in even better, more exciting to me news, WE ARE HAVING A BABY! And it's another girl! :)

 photo IMG_6630.jpg

We could not be a single ounce more happy about her. We've felt for years that we've wanted another (and likely final) child in our family, and after a long road of hardship there, she's finally on her way. I tear up every time I think of how sweet my older girls are being about the idea of having a little sister this January. Nearly every morning they crawl into bed with us and whisper sister secrets and sing little songs to my belly. This is the good stuff, friends. Thanks for being here to share in my joy. xo

DIY: Fabric Decoupaged Office Chair

 photo IMG_3197.jpg

For our little homework station project, I wanted to find a really inexpensive option for the girls' desk chair. I bought the vintage wood desk at a store called Another Man's Junk here in Phoenix and I love it's simple lines, but I wanted the chair to feel a little more fun and youthful. I poked around online trying to find a cheap upholstered office chair to recover in a pretty fabric when I stumbled on these $20 chairs at IKEA. I thought they would be a good candidate for a decoupage project (this one has really stuck in my brain!).

 photo IMG_2954.jpg

I pulled out some pretty, lightweight cotton fabric from my stash. I had bought several yards of this gauzy cotton Nani Iro for Kokka Fabrics at Purl Soho for a client project a few years ago. We ended up choosing another fabric, so I kept the yardage and I'm so glad I did! It worked perfectly here.

DIY Guitar Hooks

I am a long-time fan of displaying guitars on walls. I think they are such beautiful instruments - so sculptural! It's nice to have them out and handy, too. We play them so much more when we can see them often.

 photo IMG_3581.jpg

I've used the standard fare guitar hooks before and had three of them in our brownstone, but I knew I wanted to have at least six hangers in our music room. I could have just bought three or four more hooks, but they always seemed like eyesores and I wanted the guitars to seem like they were sort of floating on the wall.

 photo IMG_3416.jpg

The Entry - Almost Done!

I'm a little under the weather this week, but I wanted to share some photos today of how the wallpaper in the entry turned out. The pattern is Lotus by Farrow & Ball and I love how it is both so traditional and so modern. It's hard to imagine ever getting sick of this one.  :)

 photo E10.jpg

 photo E6.jpg

 photo E7.jpg


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