Nursery Plans and Favorite Baby Products

Margot just hit the two-month mark and has started sleeping mostly through the night (bless that sweet angel!), which means it's really time to get going on a nursery! Cribs have come SO far since my last baby. Really, there was only the Ouef wren crib that was cool and modern back then, and it was stratospherically out of my grad school budget! I went with a $20 Jenny Lind crib from Craigslist instead and give it a fresh coat of mint green paint. I still love the classic Jenny Lind style, but it's fun that there are so many different crib designs available now! Some are still very pricey, but there are a lot of mid-range options that are total show-stoppers.

 photo bb31cd998ff93329c7408bc2cba6823e.jpg

We've been having Margot sleep in our room next to our bed - sometimes in that cute bassinet I posted about, but honestly, it's usually in this little Rock N Play seat thing. It's not the cutest baby product in the world, but it has about a million five-star reviews on Amazon, so I had to try it for myself. And, WOW, it is like the holy grail of baby swings/bouncers/bassinets. It plugs into the wall and rocks itself for up to six hours. And it has a built-in white noise player! The seat hugs her little body and keeps Margot feeling tucked in and secure. And the angle of the back is perfect for babies that spit up - a new and not so fun experience for us!

 photo rocknplay.jpg

It folds up easily for travel and just for moving it around the house. I bring it upstairs to the studio often so Margot can sleep nearby while I'm working. It's awesome for naps, but I think she'll be happier to have a crib soon and a quiet, dark space to sleep in at nights.

 photo IMG_9122.jpg

The playroom is going to be Margot's room since its next to our bedroom. There's a closet in there that is big enough for a crib and a small dresser. 

 photo IMG_3674.jpg

 photo IMG_3702.jpg

 photo IMG_3687.jpg

We're thinking of turning it into her (tiny!) nursery and that way we don't have to do much rearranging in the playroom.

 photo IMG_6804.jpg

We started taking down the (old and cheap) shelving, which has opened up the space so much already.

 photo IMG_7950.jpg

I'd love to do some sort of fun wall treatment in here, but I need to find something that would work with the bird wallpaper I have in the playroom on the ceiling.

 photo 28.jpg

Maybe some cool ikat upholstered walls like my friend did here?

 photo DSC_0037.jpg

And if I can find a lighter, neutral ikat, I'd love to paint my Draper dresser a fun color and throw a cute stripey changing pad on top.

I'm thinking the white Dwell Studio Mid-century crib would be fabulous in this small space. I love that it feels like a beautiful piece of furniture instead of a giant prison crate. :)

 photo Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.15.23 PM.png

But it's also nice that there are a ton of other crib options that aren't as much of an investment. I really like all of these.

 photo Cribs.jpg
1  //  2  //  3

I'm sort of leaning toward this one though, crate similarities and all. It's a new line from Fisher-Price (who actually also makes that Rock N Play that I'm so in love with??) and it's less than $250! I love the simple, clean lines. And I really like the warm gray color. So many of the gray cribs seem really blue.

 photo Fisher-Price-Furniture-Riley-Island-3-in-1-Convertible-Crib_1.jpg

I'd love recommendations on other cribs too, if you have a good one! We had to completely start from scratch with baby gear and I've been out of the baby mindset for so long now that I've had to rely on friends' suggestions for practically all of our purchases.

  photo stroller.jpg

We splurged on some things (like a pretty car seat and stroller) and have tried to save other places - like in the clothes department. I've finally learned my lesson there and stopped buying a million outfits. Baby clothes are crazy expensive and really, babies are happiest in soft sleepers for the first few months anyway, right? I've found a few reliable lines that I know I'll keep coming back to as Margot is growing. They look cute, we only need a few of them to have in rotation, and I know she is comfortable.

 photo Layette.jpg
1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7  //  8 

Also, this line of super-soft head wraps is adorable and makes me feel just a tiny bit less lazy for dressing my baby in mostly pajamas. :)

 photo headwraps.jpg

 photo Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.34.09 AM.png

And just for kicks, here are a couple more of my favorite baby products, some newer to me and some tried-and-true. What am I missing here that you love?

 photo baby.jpg
 Organic unbleached ivory muslin swaddle blankets that are more beautiful with every wash  //  Make your baby smell like a French baby  //  The only socks that actually fit a newborn's feet  //  Wipes warmer (SO WORTH IT)  //  Adorable fox burp cloths that will get a million compliments every time you are out  //  Great and affordable baby monitor that doubles as a walkie-talkie (!)  //  The cutest kitty lovey around  //  If it's possible for a pacifier to be pretty, this natural rubber one is it! Also totally recommend this tutorial for a DIY paci holder.


Hi friends!!! Thank you for all your well-wishes and support about baby Margot and for letting me take a little breather after her arrival. I've been soaking up every second of these sweet first few weeks!

 photo IMG_9569.jpg

It's been a great time for me to reflect on my career too, and I've got some big plans. The blog and website redesign is almost done and we've decided to do an online store. I'll be selling some of my most favorite, really special pieces online - I'm SO excited to show you!

 photo IMG_9122.jpg

I've also been taking on more client work this year, so we're hiring! If you are an experienced interior designer looking for work in the Phoenix area, please email me! I'd love to hear from you.  xo

 photo hiring.jpg

Welcome, little Margot

Last week our sweet Margot Julia joined us! She is the tiniest little peanut - just barely six pounds - but we can already tell that she'll be just as fiery and independent as her big sisters! :)

 photo IMG_8471.jpg

 photo IMG_8771.jpg

It wasn't nearly the dramatic birth story that Evie had, but Margot came just as fast! I went in for my 38 week appointment on the morning of the 14th and found out that the baby had flipped and was breech again! It was hugely disappointing for me. I had worked so hard to get her to turn three or four different times - it looked like she just preferred to be head up for some reason. I had gotten more comfortable with the idea of a c-section (whatever it takes to get them here safe, right?), but I still wanted to try to avoid surgery if possible since I had been able to with my other births.

 photo IMG_8786.jpg

The last couple of visits, the umbilical cord had been wrapped around Margot's head, but this time the cord was out of the way and my doctor wanted to turn her. He scheduled a version procedure at the hospital for that same afternoon, which is where they try to manually turn the baby. It is about as uncomfortable as it sounds. After almost an hour of digging into my belly (which is bruise central now), my doctor finally got Margot to turn head down. We talked and talked about our options and we decided to break my water and get her delivered before she could flip again. It was a hard decision, because I don't really love the idea of an induction, but I really didn't want a c-section if it could be avoided.

 photo IMG_8463.jpg

Just a few short hours after my water broke, tiny, perfect Margot joined us. I feel like I got so much insight into what happened with Evie's labor this time. I learned just how fast my body goes through transition - I went from 4cm to a birthed baby in about 30 minutes! That half hour is insanely intense, but also kind of great that the really hard part is over so quickly, right?

 photo IMG_8772.jpg

We have the most serious perma heart eyes for Margot. I have a feeling this kid will never learn to crawl or walk - she is being held for about 23 hours a day! We just can't get enough of her. I pretty much just want to stare at her for the rest of my life.

 photo IMG_8829.jpg

 photo IMG_8751.jpg

I'm easing my way back into work (slowly) and have a goal to post here a couple times a week. And of course I'll be on Instagram  and Pinterest every day. As always, thank you, thank you, thank you for all the support and well-wishes about Margot. I really love and appreciate you guys. It has been amazing to get to share my life with you all for the past seven years and feel you cheering me on every step of the way. xoxoxo

Using (and Not Using) Wood Flooring in Kitchens

I'm still here -- and still pregnant! :) The good news is after weeks of hanging out breech, baby girl has flipped finally, just under the wire! Thanks for all your tips and tricks in the comments of my last post. It's a bit of a waiting game now, but we're so excited for her to come whenever she's ready.

 photo e29dd46ed6db63c0c96417899cc217a7.jpg

I took on a couple of design jobs before the holidays to help keep me busy the last month of my pregnancy and while I'm home with a newborn. Both involve full gut-reno redesigns of the kitchens, which I've not done a ton of in the past. It's been really a really fun challenge and so far, so good! The cabinets are designed and the counter tops and appliances ordered, but I'm a little stuck on flooring.

 photo 7edb2b4c4b138a9dc894d34eeefe1029.jpg

In both projects the home owners are feeling a little nervous about installing the same wood floors that we're putting in the rest of their homes, in their kitchens.

I love the look of a warm wood floor against painted cabinets, so it's hard to not push on this one, but I have to admit I feel some of the same apprehension as we're getting closer to a big kitchen remodel of our own.

 photo ae813ae02324dfb67e09a0106836adc9.jpg

Both clients have considered wood-look tile, but we are having trouble finding a style that we like enough to use throughout the homes. We sort of feel like our two real options are wood everywhere or stone in the kitchen and utility spaces and wood in the rest of the house. Which means transitions...which can be tricky with more open floor plans...which both homes are.

 photo 94b16bc4b78172b32d846a0ae8f71f86.jpeg
(image from Domino. The slate flooring is in a bathroom and not a kitchen obviously, but the colors of the floors are almost spot-on for what we're looking at in one of the houses and it's helpful to see the transition.)

 photo be806fb1de271800b7210083497cf567.jpg

Our favorite stone options are limestone and slate, though we're still open to pattern. Here are some of the images we've been looking at to help us get a sense of what stone or tile can look like in a kitchen space:

 photo 56ddf6e16fde388f33ce8317e5bccb7a.jpg

 photo cf0718856d14e1086c710addd48ef7b1.jpg

 photo 05493ab7b5982bc07fb7faefef2781db.jpg

 photo edf2e49ef0581c3c6cd3237968996a4a.jpg

 photo e220b90a3580bc6873c5d66b22462331.jpg

 photo e58f5e4bff4f5f35b5ff7a8a8b456c1a.jpg

 photo cfb7479c2bc3984f46e00c151da6feba.jpg

 photo bc5f197c0d4499c0190a5046a4c42336.jpg

 photo d591dab87d412be179250c0d1d6e7b1b.jpg

 photo b47e406a7445e8201ce836f315436d7c.jpg
image - another bathroom, but I like this color, size and pattern!

 photo 72d2e36ab9f404de0542e6d33819f71c.jpg

 photo 5483c15ca14d3fad95ac0d8be17a2a20.jpg

 photo 977120d5c7e5afc7b6827d2fa686c7b9.jpg

 photo 22350852b529041511f067aa4f1ee32c.jpg

It seems like it comes down to personal preference and comfort level in the end, but I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Have you had any nightmare disasters with wood floors in your kitchen? Or is there a stone that you've used and loved? Or maybe you have tips for making a more smooth transition between the two materials?


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